Is marriage in Costa Rica valid in my country?
Yes, any civil marriage in Costa Rica is going to be valid in your country of origin or residence. Costa Rica follows international laws that recognize and validate marriage in many countries around the world such as USA, Canada, England, Sweden, Israel, Denmark, Russia, Brazil, Lithuania, and Australia. These are some of the countries from the list of weddings that Costa Rica Wedding Officiant has had the privilege and experience to share with.

What documents are required to get married in Costa Rica?
You only need copies of valid passports from the groom, wife and two witnesses and fill out the attached personal information forms.

Can I use any other documents to get married instead of the passport?
No, your passport is the only valid and required document internationally.

What document do I receive immediately after the ceremony?
You receive a copy in Spanish of the attorney’s protocol that you two sign the day of your wedding; it shows the time, date and place where it took place. You may have a copy in English upon request.

How long does it take to get my marriage license or certificate after the ceremony?
The next working day after the ceremony, we will submit the Declaration Certificate of Civil Marriage and a certified and notarized copy of your passports to the Marriage department of the Civil Registry of Costa Rica. Your marriage will be registered within the next three months; after that, Costa Rica Wedding Officiant will continue with the international legalization process that takes only two more weeks.

What is your experience doing weddings in Costa Rica?
Costa Rica Wedding Officiant has celebrated more than four hundred beautiful weddings in a variety of wonderful places and magical experiences. Moreover, punctuality, responsibility and sharpness are some of the elements that have always characterized us when performing such unique events at ease.

Who is legally authorized to marry people in Costa Rica?
Attorneys at law are legally authorized to perform weddings all over Costa Rica. Catholic priests may also do it legally but only in their chapels. However, not all attorneys at law have the talent to marry couples with the charm that Costa Rica Wedding Officiant has. Let us share our special gift from nature with you and allow us to perform in a wonderful way; we will lead you step by step to truly enjoy and feel the magic of love the day of your wedding.